Writing Is Hard


I’ll admit that I’m struggling just a bit. I didn’t go into this fully prepared, didn’t have any sort of outline, or even a fully fleshed out plot to work with. While I’ve managed to throw something together, still getting from point A to Z (and all stops in between) is proving to be a lot harder than it should be. I know more or less where I’m going, and what needs to happen to get there, but OMG… there just are no words. Nothing… Nada…

Part of it, I think still has to do with my issues over point of view, and the related issue of past tense vs present, which others in my Camp NaNo cabin brought up today as well, so at least it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one. The other part (as I mentioned to a friend the other night), is that my MC has been more or less out of it for the last 10 years – it’s not like she’s just going to jump out of that raring to go. It’s going to be somewhat slow going, which unfortunately, at least up to this point is boring as hell.

Currently the whole thing reads like an overly detailed diary, and I figure if it’s got me reaching for the snooze button, I can’t really expect anything better from anyone who might be unfortunate enough to read it. So at some point there will clearly be massive amounts of editing going on, otherwise this whole project will just end up a footnote in the history of epicly fail-tastic story telling. For now though, I’m going to keep muddling through, and fighting the good fight.

But srsly gaiz… writing is hard!! XD

Bonus points: what sort of things do you do when you feel like what you are writing is total shit, but you don’t necessarily want to abandon it completely?


3 thoughts on “Writing Is Hard

  1. When I feel my writing is total rubbish, but I don’t want to start it again, I … pick out the good bits (there’s got to be some, right?) and, well, start again, using them as a framework.

    Everybody writes rubbish sometimes. I threw away several chapters of Aengus from the first draft to the second, even though some people liked them! I know… Perhaps I should have thrown away more… :))

    Who was it who said you had to kill your children?

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    1. Yeah, I’m definitely going to go back through at some point and do some cutting and rearranging. I took a bit of a break the last week, since I wasn’t feeling really well, and just been busy with other stuff, but I’ve had a few more ideas shuffling through my brain, so I may be ready to go back and at least start messing around with it again.

      It’s hard though – with IPS, I had certain things that I was working towards/considering even for a possible sequel, only to realize at almost the last minute that it wasn’t going to work out that way. There were definite tears involved. XD


      1. Hi Sephira – I started to review your book on bookcountry, but came across a couple of typos I wanted to tell you about, and also perhaps make some comments. Bookcountry doesn’t seem to support this. Are you interested? If you want to send me a Word doc I’ll be happy to review it that way – it seems a waste not to make note of this stuff as I read it.

        I don’t want to put my email address here, but if you don’t know it already, you can send me an email via Dozy, and I’ll return it from my own email address.

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