Thought I’d check in.

Not too much going on around here. Finished up Camp Nano at the end of April and squeaked out a “win” barely (with a modified word count) – though the finished product is still icky, icky, and no where near being in a finished state.

Next round of ABNA doesn’t drop until closer to the middle of June either, so just sitting and waiting on that, trying not to drive myself crazy thinking about it. XD You can still download excerpts and review them here if you are feeling froggy.

Other than that, have a few ideas kicking around for new projects. Some I have been mulling around for a while, some are brand spanking new. Now to just make the time to work on them. Time management skills FTW!!!




2 thoughts on “Downtime…

  1. Every once in a while ABNA email me with a snippet of your Plain Sight and each time I examine it to see if you’ve moved on to the next round yet, but they’re only computer-generated repeats. Really pulling for you over here

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    1. How weird. Had no idea they were doing that.

      Yeah, next round isn’t announced until the 13th of June or something like that. So shouldn’t really be anything new to update until then. That’s not even the last round though either – after that, they’ll spend another couple weeks picking the top 5 (I think it is) and then another couple weeks voting on those to pick the winner. So by the end of July or so.

      I’m probably going to go crazy long before we get to the point (assuming I make the next cut). XD


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