Fun While It Lasted…

All things eventually come to a end, it’s a fairly inevitable part of life. Sad to say, in this case – I did not make it through to the semi-finals of the ABNA, which as I mentioned previously wasn’t entirely unexpected, despite the somewhat positive PW review.

Anyways, still extremely happy to have made it as far as I did. It’s been a great experience, and looking forward to potentially doing it again sometime in the future. In the meantime, I’ll continue to do some last minute editing on In Plain Sight, and then start sending off some query letters, so I can get this baby published.

Thank you again to everyone who has stuck with me on this awesome journey. I truly appreciate everything you all have done for me. Would never have gotten this far without you!!  ❤ ❤


5 thoughts on “Fun While It Lasted…

  1. So disappointed, Sephira. I love that book and I thought it had the potential to reach the semis. I guess it all depends on the strength of the opposition and no doubt there’ll be a few other first rate entries.

    Congratulations on your quarter final berth. Do you plan to write another book in November?

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    1. ❤ ❤

      Really I think at this point I'm ok with it, since it gives me a chance to start an actual submission process. Even in the best of circumstances, I didn't think that I would win, so really if I'd moved on to the next round, it just would have kept me sitting around waiting for another month or so. At least this way I can get some forward progress. XD

      I've got a project planned, and between Book County who is doing a summer writing thing, and another round of Camp NaNo, I'm going to try to have something complete by the end of July (or at least a rough first draft). So not sure if I'd be starting something new in November, or maybe using that to do some massive editing.

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  2. Sephira….you did an amazing job and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was fun for you AND for us! I look forward to anything new you might have out there.

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  3. Sephira, I, too, didn’t make it into the semi-finals. I’m editing my submission so I can self-publish it, though. Meanwhile, I thought I’d do some networking and a few other writers invited me to do a blog tour. Would you be interested in joining us? My contribution to a four question interview everyone else is answering on their blogs will be July 14 and then whoever I pass the baton to will be a week afterwards. If you’d like to, please send me your email address and I’ll forward the email chain to you. Margie


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