Life’s Little Detours

So… on my way to getting IPS edited and completed for publishing (and continued work on the other two novels I have in progress), life sort of got in the way. I’d like to say that I’ve gotten it all back in order, but that is not the case in any way. But figured it was a good time to at least check in.

My youngest is autistic (if I haven’t mentioned it before) and a couple years ago his teenage hormones started to do what every teen’s hormones do – go all funky – except since he’s non-verbal and has very limited communication skills in general, it’s hard for him to understand all the ups and downs and craziness that comes with being at this stage of life (that often are even difficult for anyone to understand). So, unfortunately, he started having some pretty seriously aggressive behaviors which prevented him from continuing to go to school. With him always at home with me, it leaves very little time to work on writing. Hard to come up with witty sayings when there is someone interrupting you every few minutes with a need for assistance with something. So writing got put on the back burner for a while. The good news is that eventually most of us grow out of this stuff, so here’s hoping in the next couple years things settle back down. But until then it’s going to be really slow going as I continue to focus on my son’s health and well-being.

Thank you ever so much for your patience. ❤

3 thoughts on “Life’s Little Detours

  1. I’ve been following you for several years through my email and really enjoy your outlook and your energy. I am setting up my blog page, finally, and have decided that if one is to change the world it begins with the first step out the door. You are my first step in a new enterprise. Even at 68 the possibility of new paths is awesome. For all the work you have done and will do, thank you.

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